About Us

Herbst Stark was founded in 2009 as a technology company with many years' experience in business solutions, design and software development. Our experience is gained over a number of years with specialisation in key areas.

We are authorities at finding solutions to both technical and business difficulties and genuinely believe that the value added in our engagements will reach many aspects of our client's business. Our success is founded in our ability to select the right initiatives, maintain a slim, focused operating model, fostering trusted partner relations, old fashion hard work and undisputed integrity.

We believe that our services will not only meet immediate requirements, but will allow for the development of a mutually beneficial relationship over the longer term.

Centurion, South Africa
Melbourne, Australia
Company started with a bang...
First product launched with numerous customers signing up...
First distribution partners signed up...
We expanded into the Australian Market...
Digital and Printing Design

Digital and Printing design services; for startup and existing businesses. Assistance provided with your brand design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Marketing, and Social Medial Portfolio Management.

Generate leads and manage sales through campaigns, align your brand to your client's needs and activities in a digital world.

Consulting Services

Business consulting services that promotes your organisation to grow its capabilities, identify new opportunities and create structures that effectively achieves the organisations goals.

Automation of your business processes and capabilities is key to operating in the modern markets of today. Our technical consulting services will achieve that by assessing business needs, opportunities and closely aligning them to a solution that drives the results.

Drive business results and changes through a structured manor; Our project management and business development services aid in implementing changes, optimise resources, and controls risks.

Technology Services

Software development; support of an existing platform or integrate your current environment.

Technical services cost effectively implemented with proper quality assurance processes to reduce risk and business impact.


Call Center Simulator used for training and coaching staff of all experience levels.

An online presence is as important as a physical presence...
The Business Pro package is an easy and simple way to get your business online:
What is included:Cost
Web and Email hosting for 12 months
$ 120
Domain purchase
$ 25
Web & Email setup
$ 15
Website Design and Development
$ 300
Corporate Stationary (Printing Excluded)
$ 250
Total$ 710